Rezistenta friteuza

We have been manufacturing top quality sheathed heating elements. In 2016 we launched onto the market steel sheathed tubular heating elements and revolutionized the domestic washing machine.

Well consolidated, tubular technology uses resistivity wire in compressed magnesium oxide protected by a metal sheath.

Careful selection of raw materials and the strict quality standards regulating the Caldor Industries Heating processes guarantee our sheathed tubular elements top quality, reliability over time (even with very high specific temperatures and charges), chemical-mechanical strength and safety under all conditions.

In particular for the sheath, which must stand up to thermal and mechanical stress and corrosion, we offer a wide choice of standard diameters (6.25 to 16 mm) and materials: stainless steel, Incoloy, Inconel, cronifer, carbon steel, copper, titanium or special materials.

We provide tubular heaters in a large range of power, voltages, lengths (300 to 8,000 mm) and shapes. We bend the elements into flat or three-dimensional shapes that are the most suitable for customers’ applications: simple U-shaped heating elements, serpentines, rectangular or spiral shapes, etc.

We also manufacture cases and connections for explosion-proof heaters installed in explosive environments.

In synergy with our customers we develop and produce a wide range of tubular heaters: plain, finned, cast assemblies, suitable for immersion or complex heat exchanger systems (flanged or duct heaters). The heaters can also be assembled with different elements (connections, flanges and threaded attachments) and fixing systems (coining, TIG welding, brazing).

3250W 230V

Rezistenta friteuza 3250W, 230V, 1 circuit incalzire, L=265mm.

Putere: 3250W
Tensiune: 230V
Circuite incalzire: 1
Lungime: 265mm
Latime: 185mm
Inaltime: 200mm
Montare: 2 gauri de fixare
Conexiune: M4
Lungime 1: 25mm
Lungime 2: 240mm
Latime 1: 71mm
Latime 2: 42mm
Diametru tub: 8.1mm
Dimensiune filet: M12x1
Distanta de montare: 34mm
Numar spirale: 4
Utilizare: rezistenta imersie

3500W 230V

 putere 3250 W 
 voltaj 230 V 
 Numărul de spirale 1 
 dimensiunea firului M12x1, 25 
 lungime 280 mm 
 lătime 190 mm 
 înăltime 210 mm 
 lungime 1 35 mm 
 lungime 2 245 mm 
 lătimea 1 120 mm 
 lătime 2 70 mm 
 diametrul tubului 8 mm 
 atac M4

Horeca-Select, Hualing, Makro-Professional, MCC-Trading-International, Metro-Professional 

4000W 230V

parametrii tehnici

power 4000 W

voltage 230 V

heating circuits 1

mounting position left

length 285 mm

width 85 mm

height 290 mm

length 1 35 mm

length 2 260 mm

width 1 45 mm

width 2 40 mm

height 1 242 mm

height 2 48 mm

height 3 50 mm

mounting distance 26 mm

thread size M14x1.25

tube diameter 8 mm

mounting 2 hole fixing

cable length 1350 mm

connection M4

application immersion heater

connection length 26 mm

16kw 380V

rezistenta friteuza MBM

16000W, 380V.

Lungime: 336x252h31mm.

 Suport: 254mm.

 Temperatura maximă de operare: 300 ° C. 3 spirale. 

Montare pe partea stângă. Montarea sondei: 2xM10x1. Flanșe: 36,2mm, 23,5mm, Ø61,8mm, 13,2mm, Ø57,9mm.

2500W 230V

Rezistenta friteuza 2500W 230V 290x130x200mm 
 Putere: 2500 W 
 Tensiune: 230 V 
 Circuite incalzire: 1 
 Lungime: 290 mm 
 Latime: 130 mm 
 Inaltime: 200 mm 
 Lungime 1: 40 mm 
 Lungime 2: 230 mm 
 Diametru tub: 8 mm 
 Compatibil pentru: 

1800w 230V

Rezistenta friteuza 1800W 220V 265x110x170mm

length 265mm - width 110mm
height 170mm - couplings M12x1,25mm

Compatibil cu:
BACKER FACSA 0441683645
GAYC 12501020
GAYC 12430060
IRCA 1GOL6G50800
GAYC Fryer electric F4, F4+4

Producător rezistente electrice

Manufacturer of electrical resistors


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