On-Off control
Relay output for cooling or heating control
Single NTC probe input
Offset value can be entered for NTC probe
In the case of probe failure, output state can be selected as On/Off or periodical running
Upper and lower limits of the setpoint can be adjusted
Temperature unit can be selected as °C or °F
Communication feature via RS485 ModBus protocol (order option)
CE marked according to European Norms

Environmental Conditions 
Ambient/Storage Temperature 0...50 ºC / -25...70 ºC
Relative Humidity 80% relative humidity for temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40 °C
Protection Degree According to EN 60529 Front panel: IP65, Rear panel: IP20
Height Max. 2000m

Electrical Characteristics 
Supply 230V AC +10% -20% 50/60Hz or 12/24V AC/DC ±10%
Power Consumption 5VA
External Connections Screw-terminals
Scale -60.0...150.0 °C
Sensitivity 0.1°C (selectable 0.1 ºC or 1 ºC)
Accuracy ± 1% (of full scale)


Relay 8A model: 250V AC, 8A (for resistive load), NO+NC
 1/2hp 240V AC (for inductive load)
 16A model: 277V AC, 20A (for resistive load), NO
 2hp 250V AC (for inductive load)
Life Expectancy 8A model: Mechanical 30.000.000 operations (under no load), Electrical 100.000 operations (8A at 250V AC, resistive load)
 16A model: Mechanical 10.000.000 operations (under no load), Electrical 100.000 operations (20A at 277V AC, resistive load)

Control Type Single set-point
Control Algorithm On-Off
Hysteresis Adjustable between 1 and 20.0 °C


Mounting Method TH35 rail mounting
Dimensions W54xH94xD68 mm
Weight Approx. 190g (after packaging)
Enclosure Material Self extinguishing plastics



    Producător rezistente electrice

    Manufacturer of electrical resistors


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