Enda ECH 770




2x6 digit indicator
Programmable as Counter and RPM/Tachometer
6 digits Batch Counter
9 digits Total Counter
Period time differences, pulse time, turnover and speed measurement
Easy to use front panel keypad
Counts Up or Down acording to input phase difference.
Input frequency can be selected.
Input signal can be calibrated to the desired value by multiplying between 0.000001 and 99.9999
Decimal point can be set between 1 and 5
Sensor input type can be selected by using keypad (PNP, NPN)
Dual setpoint and dual contact relay
Output contact relay can be adjusted to continuous output or between 0.01 and 999.9s intervals
Output delay time can be adjusted in Tachometer Mode
Functional reset option
0-500000 Offset option

Parameter access protection
RS485 Modbus communication interface
CE marked according to European Norms


Distribuitor autorizat Enda Pt Romania





ECH7700 Up/Down Counter RPM/Tachometer

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